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Time Stops Still
A strange feeling hit me as i entered the dark room.
A cold chill ran down my spine just as i was making my first step in.
I had been there before.I knew what was awaiting...but i couldnt resist.
The cries of novembers winds kept whispering my name,leading me down a path
that wasn't odd to me.The walls had eyes watching my every move.
They kept staring as i went faster.My blood got warmer,the wind got hotter.
I couldn't look back fear of what could strike me at any moment.
Suddenly time froze still.I turned around.There she was chasing me.
She knew this had all happened before...But what she didnt know was that ,once again,
i had won.
:icontormented616:Tormented616 1 0
Virtual Cage
A Virtual Cage is all you need to,
end your life and kill your dreams
for no escape is ever sure
your mind now weak and insecure
Suffocation behind bars of steel
Halucinations of a mind yet to heal
Craving the air roaming the outside world
knowing such a need has come absurd
A cage, the fruit of your imagination
A mind, now lost in its own madness
The world, seems like an odd creation
Making you question your own humanity...
Arise, spread your wings and fly away
though you may have nowhere to fly too...
Despise, the need of someone else
you were better off where they've left you...
A Virtual Cage shall forever keep you prisoner
until an outsider lets you out,
Worry still or worry not, he might still leave you be
all alone in solitary
forever and eternity...
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 0
Check Poem
The Blackest Night Might Be The Brightest
Everything is not what it seems
Never look back and follow your dreams
How can you be free like the birds you love
when even they, are prisoners of the skies above?
How can you run fast like the wind at all,
when the wind itself collapses on the walls?
A full moon madness on this dark eternal night
Even though its shining, still doesn't feel right
How can death not be the end but only a transition
when transition itself is part of our everyday lives,
and life and death are opposites by definition?
How can you tell if black is a color or the absence of sight
when a human eye can see beauty in the darnkest of nights?
The world as we know it might seem different to each
but given the time it needs might hold secrets to teach
Open your eyes to what you couldn't see
what you thought was real is far from reality
What your ears might percieve as unrational apathy
to others might hold an enlightening melody
'Life in pink' as the french said, doesn't ex
:icontormented616:Tormented616 1 0
Wake Up Call
Pigs could fly,Birds could swim
For all i know life's undetermined
The sky is red,a beam of light
A flaming sun in the open night
Absurd thoughts through an insane soul
A flow of emotions in a heart unwhole
What doesn't make sense to you,for another could be holy
A dark perception now growing so blindly
An eye that sees is an eye that shows
An ear that hears is an ear that knows
The truth from the lie,a myth glorified
A legend unified through ones said purified
Wake up call it's time for you to shine
Open your minds,this man is not divine
He is mere human just like you and I
That is if he has once lived through ancient times
I'll tell you the tale of The beauty and the beast
Your brain will stop and will think at least
of what is fiction and what is real
for what is fake to the heart will appeal
So why is it that the same mind of yours
when told a myth becomes so enclosed
Loosing vision of what is clear
claiming to believe what is unreal?
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 2
Beyond Good and Evil
Take a step towards the light
and two steps for the dark.
For without darkness,light becomes futile
and our shadows fade away.
Silence gives,what noise takes astray
The night shows what bllinds us through day
"The sun is light of the soul" they say
But why contemplate what is said
and let our lives fade away?
All our existence a battle among Good and Evil,
Humanity failing through hunger that is rising
A life lived for mere pride's retrieval
Denying the fact that all men are equal
Live on,Live on my dear friends
Live your life peacefully seeking war
Live your life fully and be greatest
But forget not that greatness is relative
Live on,Live on my dear friends
Deny not that your lives have no meaning
Deny not that your deep conscience is fading
For Denial is the worst form of Failure...
:icontormented616:Tormented616 1 1
I am sin
What have you become?
What have you become?
What have you become?
What have you become?
I think the questions should be
What have I become?
for as always
I am sin..
:icontormented616:Tormented616 1 2
Tormenting Child
Underneath this mask i wear everyday
a hate is growing inside of me
fed by your anger and dissapointment
it has rose out of control
A clone of you I am today
a twin of what i have come to hate
a tormenting child that u have lost
under the ashes of your burning treason
It wont be long before i leave
never turning back to take a look
never betraying the promiss i made
to always keep the decision i took
till the last second of my last day
Father cherish every memory
of me who has never been worthy
to earn this love you that gave me
a love you wish you didn't have to give...
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 2
My one and only
To you,this young soul will one day perish
for your love,he should have always cherished
but in his eyes be sure to always be great
a beautiful angel that kept him from hate.
Forever will you be his one and only
his shining star for all of eternity
for you were always there in his time of need
embrassing him with all you could feel
Never will he forget the smile upon ur face
his source of joy through every other day
or the one you would put upon his
sacrificing all of your own for this
U might wish someday for him to die
Thinking of how much he could have lied
Not knowing that never his intentions were sin
but always seeking ur hapiness within
You may want to push him away
wishing to never see him another day
but keep in mind that his passion for you will never fade
for there lies the toughest decision ever made
:icontormented616:Tormented616 3 4
Without you
Come back to me o great desire
come back to where you belong
along the hillside you lost this burning fire
the words to our neverending song
Im broken apart dont let me go
hold on for another second for you know
that without the voice of my soul or the touch of ur skin
without the essence of my life keeping me from sin,
to this life i will belong no more.
im taking the step towards death where an angel i will be
protecting you from the heavens above
where i will rest upon whats left
of the love u once gave to me
"Without you i die"
:icontormented616:Tormented616 2 3
The Shattered Fortress
It's enough let me be
its enough try to see
through my eyes what its like
to let someone so alike
vanish with the southern winds
carrying along,all of the sins,
that i layed upon its heart
unconciously broken apart
by desire of her own sanity
I fought in the cold with all my feelings
that stinging wound of mine never healing
when i suddenly got shot by logic and reason
bringing me down through another dark treason.
I tried to fight back with all i had left
of love and care and promisses ive kept
but when God himself wants you dead
never will it matter how many tears you shed
because when destiny strikes with all its might
rising against you on this dark eternal night
be sure to witness your greatest defeat
The shattering fortress you fought so hard to keep
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 2
It still hurts
It still hurts me till this day
that im drowning with,nothing to say
telling lies for the sake of love
with all these feelings i stand above
It still hurts me that i cant
just forget all the rules i stand
washing away the tears of ours
burning shadow of our falling star
It still hurts me to pretend
that i dont care its going to end
this special place we both had times ago
that i know i never wanted to let go
It still hurts me that u will
never know the way i feel
for i dont want you to get hurt
knowing that truly deep inside
at night i cry...
:icontormented616:Tormented616 2 1
Lesson Learned
One by one slaughtered by destiny
Side by side crying in terror
Flames rising upon their skin
Hell burning with all its madness
Strength lost within the ashes
Sorrow of the life they once new
lost with the last glance of hope
Feeling weaker than ever,they beg for mercy
they struggle through the worst
they would have never did
what they knew to be so painful
But soon enough time stops still
with a chance of stitching the wound
and they escape with the memory
of what was one day,
the lesson they learned for ever
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 3
Narrow Minds
Ilussions of a sick world
where everything lies innocent
where everyone lies to fool
the minds of the narrow ones misguided
Misguided by their fear of difference,
they fall for the interpretations of ones
whose intellegence barely surpasses
the man who thought he could live forever...
They desperatly strive for glory
knowing all whats coming is defeat
for they reach for much deeper souls
against which they shall fall broken apart
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 0
Blindfolded alone on a mountain
feeling a cold breeze down my spine
searching for where i was awaken
on this empty night so divine
I was told there would be an angel
waiting to lead my way
I was told he would be my savior
my glance of hope through another day
But dream soon turned into nightmare
when illusion encountered reality,
and clouds darkened in the air.
When soft gestures met brutality
and memories kept fading away
It wasnt meant for mankind
to know of such prophecies
all they want is to keep you blind
on the edge of your soul and mentality
But i kept hope searching for the mystery
when every other being laid there in misery
One day i left the mountain in pain
because i hadn't found what i searched for
Now i regret leaving this place so warm
when i realize it never did me any harm...
:icontormented616:Tormented616 1 2
The one
When all you can see is shades of grey
gazing upon mysterious figures far away
lost in the appealing sent of memories
remembering those one of a kind stories
spinning in circles over and over again
regretting made decisions causing you pain.
Its when you realize she was the one
the one you should have never let go
the one you should have cherrished
the one you could always count on
the one you cant live without
The one who's forever gone...
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 3
Satistfied Mind
Lost souls can be found
Sickness can be healed
Wherever you come,wherever you go
Problems can be solved
But this soul was meant to burn
Drowning in sickness,nowhere to be found.
The seed of nothingness,endless solitude,
Confusion running through its veins.
There it laid,suffering from its own selfishness,
Agonizing from this piece of stone she once called heart.
She opened her eyes,
saw nothing but flames and chaos,
swords and shedding blood,
honor and loyalty broken.
This is when she realized she had to fight back.
She picked up her blade
Ran,jumped,slayed her way to the crown.
But as she picked up the golden jewel,
It was torn into pieces between her white hands.
She got down on her knees terrified.
The battlefield had turned black.
She had failed.
Still she was happy,
Because she had done the best she could
:icontormented616:Tormented616 0 2


Something Different
Shine far, oh light so dim..
So few like thee I thus adore!
Sing sweetly thy melody,
As for thy thoughts, all others they tore.
How does thou hide, behind a sin?
Thy beauty hidden is but a sin !
For thy beauty shines from within..
And love knew no more than thee.
A sense of fate behind thy tale,
Of a rose yet to flower.
And just as a rose rises of but a spore..
From all ashes, thou shall tower!
Care as thou have never before cared.
Lie not to thy self
For thy self is not to be spared.
And thy soul is in debt of bliss.
Seize all that thou are given
Thou are not given much, however.
Be not afraid of what is yet to come..
The future has been set in the womb of thy mother.
:iconageless-illusion:ageless-illusion 1 0
Heavy by Jobalan Heavy :iconjobalan:Jobalan 146 41 Wolf Tattoo Tribal Set by WildSpiritWolf Wolf Tattoo Tribal Set :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 2,282 244 Starry Splatter Wolf Tattoo by WildSpiritWolf Starry Splatter Wolf Tattoo :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 3,725 175 Stalking Tribal Wolf Tattoo by WildSpiritWolf Stalking Tribal Wolf Tattoo :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 3,622 203 Guitars Tattoos by NunoDias Guitars Tattoos :iconnunodias:NunoDias 4,157 511 .:White Angel by ginkgografix .:White Angel :iconginkgografix:ginkgografix 601 364 Black Dream Skin v7 by SkadiWu Black Dream Skin v7 :iconskadiwu:SkadiWu 2,308 662
Oh Gentle Wind
Oh Gentle Wind.
Oh Gentle Wind, come forth and whisper
For I have a message to send,
Fly to her window and her
Ears, where troubled mind and thoughts mend
They both try to give some tender
And they both try to pretend
Oh gentle Wind, Oh Youthful sender
My regards, and my love, to her, send!
With troubled mind, she tries to show
That her sorrow does not exist,
And with same sadness and sorrow
She cries alone in the mist.
So come forth Wind, come and throw
The misty feeling and the saddest
Show her truth, let her know
Make her feel, like she’s been kissed!
Make her lips become all sweet
Sweeter then the honey of the bees
And make us way, let us meet
In a place where no one sees.
No jealousy can calm this heat
No cold can shake our knees
No Demon Thief can ever beat
The locks on our hearts, with no keys!
Cross through battles of spears and swords
Pas through the valley of Dread
Feel the pain when the lords
Accomplish not when on a death bed,
Feel the rage of the horde
Or an orphan wh
:iconguy---fawkes:Guy---Fawkes 3 1
God has given me a blessing
Which I shall keep caressing
Angels have no longer voice
To help my soul rejoice
For the same blessing that has
Helped me forget my past
Praise the Almighty above
For giving me my love!
She has forever been
So pure and free of sin
Never had she reason
To change like a season
Going from spring and bliss
Into winter’s cold abyss
From warm and joyful tears
Into hell risen fears!
Oh so pure and warm
Under the rainy storm
Tepid she was so much
Rain vanished on touch
Outside, she was compelled
Inside she had to be held
So far, far away
From time’s horrid decay!
Hold her oh so tight, I shall
Shielding her from burning hell
Helping her to finally see
What she means to me
What more can I simply say
To help me through the day
No more, a word or two
As simple ones as “I love you”
Come my love you shall depart
From this world into my heart
Where forever safe you shall be
Forever closer to me
Nothing more will give me joy
Nothing more wil
:iconguy---fawkes:Guy---Fawkes 2 0
In the name of God they are fighting this war
They kill in his name and do much worse.
Never will they cease they crave for more;
The blood of many has not yet quenched their thirst!
They call themselves the sons of God
Think that they’re the life of the nation…
“Kill the Abomination, Spare not the rod!”
They realize not that they are The Abomination!
They call themselves “Men of belief”…
And belief in them is nowhere to be found.
They care only for their own grief
And the grief of others never comes around!
They play rebels against a tyrant that does not exist
Pretending to defend the country, they fight in the mist.
The Country is Revolution, and the Revolution lives on,
All the Rebels stay, but the Country is gone!
“Follow us” they say, “follow us we’ll guide you”
And the people follow them like the ignorant herd
But we follow another, die for him too
Because we are not sheep, but followers of the
:iconguy---fawkes:Guy---Fawkes 1 1
I'm not mad at you
Because of your parenting
I'm angry for one reason
The way you make me feel
Like I'm something worthless
That I should be doing better
But maybe I'm just not smart
Like I used to be
Normal, something I'm not
Or maybe this life faded me
I swear I try but its not
Good enough for you
And all I want to know
Is why you can't congratulate me
On a job well done
Instead of grinding down my pride
In the beginnings of the next project
Because I swear I'm never
"good enough" for you
Oh well, at least someone loves me
My friends and God
:iconautumnfirefairy:autumnfirefairy 3 7



Tony Jreij
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